2018 FIRST QUARTER CALENDAR OF EVENTS : DOH Annual Review Meeting (15-19th January), Chaplains Meeting ( 30th January - 2nd February @ Eikwe), Launch of World Day of the Sick ( 2nd February @ Eikwe), Heads of Training Colleges Meeting ( 5th - 9th February).    Vacancy in Ho Diocese! Vacancy in Ho Diocese!! Click on "we are Hiring flash" on the page for details

The Monitoring and Evaluation unit collects, processes, analyses and disseminates health information for various stakeholders within the health delivery system. The information generated spans service delivery (utilisation for both OPD and inpatient, morbidity and mortality data, ANC and PNC activities, Child Health and Immunization), disease surveillance, key changes in human resources and financial management. Others are project specific or special interventions to measure outcomes and report results. Where necessary, data is disaggregated to show geographical or disease-specific outputs.

We therefore design and train Health Information Officers and Managers on the appropriate data collection tools (Minimum Data Set and Whole System Measures) and use of data to take local decisions for the Service. We again monitor performance reporting by facilities and give periodic feedback to institutional Managers as appropriate.

The unit generates annual reports for the entire NCHS.