15th Annual Conference of the NCHS : Date - 17th and 18th October, 2017 : Venue - Diocesan Pastoral Centre, Sunyani    FUNERAL ANNOUNCEMENT : It is hereby announced that a former Executive Secretary (Director of Health) of the NCHS, MRS. LUCY HELEN OSEI- KOFI, has passed on peacefully to eternity. Details of funeral arrangement will be announced soon by the family.

This unit provides guidance and assistance in general management, human resource management and financial management to the facilities through the Arch/diocesan Secretariats and offices.

Our work results in helping Managers understand and appreciate that the NCHS system transformation agenda must be Management-led. We therefore support planning and guide the general strategic direction of the institutions to ensure sustainability through approaches that helps Managers eliminate waste and resource allocation. It also helps to concentrate on the diseases of interest to the country.

Besides, the unit develops protocols, guidelines, manuals and directives on the management of the difference areas mentioned above. We further build capacity in these areas and provide real time advise on management of the institutions to ensure sustainability.

Our work concentrates on effective team work to support service delivery; strong systems of supervision, mentoring and coaching. In this direction, our current “Huddle” Project is the main vehicle.