Community & Institutional Care Unit

The Community and Institutional Care unit of the Directorate is concerned with assisting the facilities to provide comprehensive and quality health care that is safe in the most effective and efficient way to meet patient and population expectations.

In this regard, our business is to develop or adapt protocols and guidelines and train relevant staff on their effective use in service delivery. The unit also monitors community engagement and actively participates in some of these. We again work with international agencies to organize medical missions to selected facilities and monitor diseases. Giving feedback on troubling signs in disease management and disease outbreaks in the country engage our attention as well.

We also lead system-wide didactic training and capacity building in Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) through a number of initiatives. Specifically, the following are on-going among others:

-Enrolment of 120 staff on IHI online training in QI;

-Surgical Site infection Reduction Collaboration Network for 5 Hospitals in Archdiocese of Cape Coast; and

-Health Training Colleges’ Pass Rate Improvement Collaborative.

The NCHS’ collaboration with Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research in the current capacity building in sexual & reproductive health is under the unit’s coordination and supervision.