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We are happy to bring back the Health Concern, the Newsletter for the National Catholic Health Service. As you would probably know, the Newsletter used to be published on quarterly basis in hard copy and distributed, admittedly only to some of our stakeholders.

We have now opted for an online version for several reasons including making it reach a wider readership, easy and fast access to it, saving the environment and costs of printing and distribution.

Undoubtedly, the NCHS is known as a partner of the Ministry of Health and Ghana Health Service to provide health care to Ghanaians, particularly in rural areas. Beyond this, it is instructive to note that the Service has since long been in the business of piloting/testing ideas and sharing for adoption and/or adaptation by other health systems.

The Newsletter is therefore the platform to share and write about our technical work in simple and easy-to-read jargon to inform our entire readership and stakeholders. We will also tell the story of institutions and frontline workers doing little things with big impacts on health outcomes to tackle the diseases that still challenge the world’s development. The platform is also open to our affiliates, partners (local and foreign) and other Catholic health associations in Ghana to share their work.

Through this medium we will again bring into the public domain thoughts, ideas and learnings from our numerous engagements within the Service and from the several international seminars and conferences we participate in.

Keeping the Newsletter in circulation periodically, we believe, will keep us on the right side of history. We therefore look forward to improve the content continuously. We therefore welcome feedback and ideas from you, our cherished readers.

Our pleasure will be that each reader of the Newsletter finds it useful and informative. We look forward to joining hands with all the institutions at different levels of the NCHS network, staff, partners and the general readership to make it the best.

Thank you on behalf of the Team!

George A. Adjei, Esq.