2018 FIRST QUARTER CALENDAR OF EVENTS : DOH Annual Review Meeting (15-19th January), Chaplains Meeting ( 30th January - 2nd February @ Eikwe), Launch of World Day of the Sick ( 2nd February @ Eikwe), Heads of Training Colleges Meeting ( 5th - 9th February).    Vacancy in Ho Diocese! Vacancy in Ho Diocese!! Click on "we are Hiring flash" on the page for details

Themes for NCHS Annual Conferences

Year No. Theme Venue
2003 1st


“Strengthening Organizational Structures and Relationships of the NCHS as a Tool for Promotion of the Healing Ministry of the Church”


Melody Hotel, Takoradi
2004 2nd “Sustaining Healthcare to the Poor: Innovative Approaches in a Changing Environment”


Hotel Eredec, Koforidua
2005 3rd “Sustaining Healthcare to the Poor: Innovative Approaches in a Changing Environment II”


Upland Hotel, Wa
2006 4th “Quality in Health Care Delivery: The Systems Approach”


Christian Village, Kumasi
2007 5th “Regulation in Health Care Delivery, A Means to Quality Assurance”


Cape Coast Hotel, Cape Coast
2008 6th “Quality in Healthcare: Continuous Improvement and Sustainability”


Getfund Hotel, Tamale
2009 7th “Health System Performance: Meeting Stakeholder Expectations”


Bishop Konnings & Chances Hotel, Ho
2010 8th “Monitoring for Continuous Improvement: Using Whole System Measures” Catholic Social Centre, Bolgatanga
2011 9th


“Building Local Ownership for Sustained Improvement” Pastoral Centre, Sunyani




“Deepening the Performance Improvement and sustainability Agenda within the NCHS” Ejisu, Kumasi


11th “Sharing what Works: Innovative Contributions of the NCHS to Healthcare Delivery in Ghana” Koforidua
2014 12th “Eliminating Harm & Error in Patient Care A Key to Good Stewardship” UDS International Conference Centre, Tamale
2015 13th “Patient Safety & Modern Health Technologies” Bishop Konnings Social Centre & Chances Hotel
2016 14th


“Health Commodities and Safety in Healthcare Delivery” Windy  Lodge Annex- Winneba