About us

Our History

The National Catholic Health Service (NCHS) is a private not for profit healthcare provider, owned by the Catholic Church in Ghana.
The institutional health facilities (i.e. hospitals and clinics) of the NCHS began in the early 1950’s at a time when there was an urgent need to provide such facilities for rural dwellers who had virtually no access to modern orthodox health care and often requested for them. Expatriate missionary professional staff supported by local auxiliary workers introduced and manned these institutions at the time. Thus all the hospitals of the NCHS started as little clinics and primary health care facilities.

Our Vision

A Health Service that is best in meeting patient needs and expectations.

Our Mission

To provide high quality healthcare in the most effective/efficient and innovative manner, specific to the needs of the communities we serve and at all times acknowledging the dignity of the patient.

Our Goal

To strengthen and improve the NCHS in its ability to provide and sustain health care services for the poor, neglected and marginalized segments of the society. The services will seek to empower the people it serves to take ownership of their own individual and collective health needs.

Our Core Values


Our team

George A. Adjei, Esq.

Director of Health

George doubles as the Director of Health at the National Catholic Secretariat, Accra and the National Catholic Health Service.

Ivan Tetteh Essegbey

Snr. Coordinator, Monitoring & Evaluation

Ivan Tetteh – Essegbey is a Senior Coordinator of Monitoring and Evaluation overseeing Health Management Information System activities of the National Catholic Health Service.

Lawrence Ofosu Adjare

Snr. Coordinator, Health Services Mgmt.

Lawrence Ofosu Adjare works as Coordinator for Health Systems Management Unit. He is responsible for leading relevant improvement changes in the management and administration of hospitals, clinics and training colleges within the NCHS. He also supports in monitoring whole system measures.

Thomas kofi Asiedu

Manager-Catholic Medicines Centre, DOH

Thomas Kofi Asiedu is a Political Scientist and a Salesman by Profession. He works as the Manager of the Catholic Medicines Centre of the Department of Health of NCS.

Dr. Anita Appiah

Coordinator, community and Institutional Care

Dr. Anita Appiah joined the Health Directorate as the Coordinator, Community and Institutional Care in January 2015. In this role, she leads the unit to support the provision of comprehensive and quality healthcare that is safe in the most effective and efficient way to meet patient and population expectations in the National Catholic Health Service.

Roberta Asiedu

Deputy Coordinator, Community & Inst. Care

Ms. Roberta Asiedu works on the team from the Health Directorate as Deputy Coordinator for Community and Institutional Care (CIC) Unit has been the Directorate since May 2011.

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